Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding Tips - Is One Photographer Enough? The Choice is Yours

How many photographers do you really need to document your wedding?
Brides ask this question all the time.

There’s a handful of reasons why one is plenty. And there’s another list of reasons why two is better than one.
It really comes down to what you like and what you may or may not need.

Below are some great examples of what a second and even third photographer can do as the couple exits the reception.

I have to admit that I get jealous sometimes of how the second and third shooters can take risks that I can't.

In the first image, I'm photographing the bride and groom as the get showered by guests.

As the lead photographer, I have to come away with a clean, direct image that shows the scene. I can't risk that the image is blurry.

In this image, the second photographer is capturing the same moment from another angle.

What makes this image unique is that the shooter has slowed the camera settings down, which makes the bird seed and even the bride blur a little.

A nice effect to show the energy and excitement she's feeling.

In the final image, the third photographer has zoomed in tight on the couple, using a similar technique that the second shooter used, slowing the camera down, which creates a soft effect on the couple.

Some brides may love these artistic images. Some may not. It just depends on your style.

A second or even third photographer can take risks that the lead photographer can't. If you enjoy these artistic, energetic images, then an additional photographer may be a good choice for your wedding day.