Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Tips-Find Some Sunlight-Brookgreen Gardens

Brides, if you're planning a rehearsal and/or wedding and you want great images, plan your wedding around having some sunlight during some or most of your event.

Look for places where the sun will set on the venue. Have your reception at a time when you'll have some sunlight in the beginning. If you have the option, look for churches that have lots of windows that let in light.

There's an old saying that "God's light is better than man's light."

It's true. Your images will be brighter, have more color saturation and look more natural.

I just came away from a wedding this past weekend with some of the best images ever and one of the reasons is because at the rehearsal, ceremony and reception, there was a lot of sunlight.

Just some food for thought if you're planning. Below is an example from a the wedding, which was at Brookgreen Gardens.