Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lancaster "Our Stories" Documentary Film - Columbia SC Photographer Travis Bell

What if they shared their favorite stories?

What if their memories came to life?

Are you from my hometown, Lancaster? Or did you grow up in a small town? Even if you didn't, if you love great stories, you'll love this film. 

Thrilled to release Episode 1 of my new documentary film about my hometown.

I moved to Columbia 19 years ago but this is something I've been wanting to do for over 20 years.

Lancaster has so many great stories and this film documents dozens of them.

It also focuses on why a small mill town in South Carolina has been able to produce so much talent over the years, including a governor, an astronaut, a band with a No. 1 hit and more. 

Excited that IMDB has recognized it as a documentary. Visit the Lancaster "Our Stories" IMDB site here to see behind-the-scenes photos and fun trivia about the project. 

Am I leaving still photography behind? Absolutely not. I'll be making pictures as long as I breathe. This was just a fun project I've always wanted to do and a great way to dive into cinema.

Here is the trailer and below is Episode 1.

A special thanks to SEE LANCASTER and BLACKMON INSURANCE GROUP for sponsoring Episode 1.