Friday, August 8, 2014

Columbia SC Photographer-Recalling a Favorite

I'm really excited about this weekend's wedding in Charlotte. I photographed the bride's sister's wedding as well.

At her sister's wedding, I captured a moment I'll never forget. During the reception, the father of the bride began watching a slideshow that was displaying images of his family from years ago. After a couple minutes of watching, he started shedding a few tears. Seconds later, the tears were streaming down his cheeks.

I had been waiting on this type of picture for years. Fathers will do everything they can to not cry. Many of them that do will turn away from a camera.

The best moment came when the bride leaned and smiled as her dad was crying.

These are the types of images I live for at weddings...the fleeting moments that you can't get back. The ones that bride's family talks about for years. Photographs of details and formals are important to a wedding book but they come in a distant second to moments like this.