Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Hunley Recovery - Charleston SC

20 years ago today, I photographed The Hunley submarine being recovered out of the Charleston harbor while serving as Gov. Jim Hodges' photographer.

The interesting thing about that day is that the media boat, carrying members of the press, was supposed to be the closest boat to the submarine. That boat can be seen on the right just below the right side of The Hunley. The second-closest boat to the submarine was supposed to be the VIP boat, which I was on with Gov.Hodges.

To put it bluntly, someone goofed. 

The media boat ended up being over 100 yards a way and the VIP boat ended up so close to The Hunley, I could almost reach out and touch it.  

This picture was made with a wide angle lens.There were some upset photographers for sure but they were still able come away with pictures from the recovery. 

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Photo by Travis Bell. ©Travis Bell Photography